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Golestan Kids (Persian)

Golestan Center for Language Immersion and Cultural Education

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  • 1808 5th Street
  • City: Berkeley   California
  • Zipcode: 94710
  • California
  • 510-704-8541
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Golestan is committed to teaching Iranian Language and Culture to children while helping other bicultural and/or Iranian communities in their efforts to raise bilingual children with the following offerings:

1. Daily Persian/Farsi language immersion program in Berkeley California:

1. Toddler: Ages 18-24 months to 3 years - click here for more info.

2. Preschool: Ages 3 to 4.9 years - click here for more info.

3. After school: Ages K and up - click here for more info.

4. Summer camp: Ages 6 and up - click here for more info.

2. Online resource for bilingual families with articles and tips on how to successfully raise children whom are fluent in more than one language.

3. Collaborative (workshops, film screenings etc) with other language immersion programs (Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc) for developing best teaching practices and shared resources - in development.

4. Support for other communities in need of a similar daily immersion programs for children including advice, shared resources, and curricula - in development.


  • (Persian) Etiquette
  • Persian 101 (for Kids)
  • Physical Activity

Languages Spoken

  • Persian; English

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