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Iranian plateau Dances

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With unique ability as a choreographic artist, Soha Sharif illustrates each regional dance form, which vary in spice and flavor according to the geographical, cultural, social, spiritual and healing context. Soha is an internationally acclaimed dance researcher, artist, choreographer and instructor specializing in traditional dances from India to Egypt, particularly from the Iranian Plateau, as well as developing ethno-contemporary dance and exploring various sacred dance forms.

Soha's research includes a comparative investigation of the historical and spiritual dimensions of gestural movement, and the use of dance as an avenue for personal transformation and healing. Soha teaches Persian classical dance and is also developing a "Chakra Vasht" dance approach, exploring the interface between traditional dance forms and our human subtle energy system.

Opportunities for cultural collaboration have given Soha great inspiration to find ways the arts can help build bridges and create respect, love and unity among people of different spiritual traditions. Soha's classes are very open and accessible in nature, and she has a natural talent in giving every participant the opportunity to maximize the student’s potential.


  • Acting
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Persian Literature
  • Poetry

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Parsi

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